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04.02.2013 John Murdoch,
Q: Hello, another question, do you bid in incrementis ,ie if i bid $5000 for a motorcycle do the bids go up so much at a time or is it sold to the maximum bid. Thanks John
A: John, If you can not answer the phone we just bid on your behalf in $100 increments.
04.02.2013 John Murdoch,
Q: Hello, can i use a debit card for the deposit from Scotland? If so what are my next steps. Thanks John
A: Yes, you can use your credit card for the deposit. I have just emailed you a copy of the credit card authorization form. You may fill it out and email to
02.02.2013 jason adams,
Q: Hi , if i win an auction can i pick the car up or do i have to pay a shipping company , and do you get a salvage title then or is it mailed to me? Thanks
A: You can pick up your car on your own. The titled will be mailed out to you as soon as we get it from the insurance company. That normally takes 5-7 days.
26.01.2013 savannah click,
Q: hello..i was just woundering how u go about bidding on these.. can i put in a offer even though it says future sale.. an when do u know they go up for auction.. thanks i am new at this an have no clue how this works.. i have found several in my area i would like to get..
A: Future sale means the insurance company is pending on the title. You can submit your offer but it may take 2-3 weeks before the vehicle becomes available.
26.01.2013 savannah,
Q: can u tell me please when item #38239455 will be up forsale . do i need to summit a offer for it this is for a razor 900.. THanks
A: You need to keep checking once a week. You will see the date as soon as it becomes available. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for a vehicle with "future sale" status to become available.
25.01.2013 Steven Harmon,
Q: Hi: If the vehicle says port in New Jersey, does that mean that it will be shipped to N.J. from some other place in the U.S. and then I pay for it from there to my home? Or., does that mean that the vehicle is physically already now in N.J. and I can pick it up there if I win the auction. That part is a bit confusing. Thanks
A: Hi Steve, Shipping calculator is only designed to show shipping cost to the exit port in NY for our international customers. If you would like us to take care of domestic transportation please contact our customer support via email or over the phone.
15.01.2013 Georg Sievers,
Q: Will I get a car with salvage title and shipped by you to Germany for me a German title and get it there on the road? Regards Georg
A: Georg, you will get EU registration document if the vehicle that you purchase comes with salvage title.
08.01.2013 nathan,
Q: an item im interested in bidding on says future sale for auction date how would i know when this item is going up for auction
A: Future sale status means insurance claim has not been closed and the vehicle is not ready for the auction. Please keep checking the page and you will see the date as soon as it becomes available.
07.01.2013 Roy Grady,
Q: Good morning. After reading Q/A in this forum my Q are answered, for bidding process, which unfortunately I didn't get my deposit in place for pre-bidding on a particular vehicle but will be set up for next opportunity. I understand the hoops you must jump on a daily basis :) Thanks for all your help and cooperation. Have a blessed day, rg
A: Thank you Roy, hope to hear from you again!
04.01.2013 everton reid,
Q: what does it mean parts only, does vehicle have to be torn apart even though its a flood damage?
A: Parts only means vehicle can not be registered in the USA. You may buy it for parts or export.
02.01.2013 Kevin,
Q: Do you know when item# 37439475 and 37356787 will go up for auction? Thanks
A: The insurance claim has not been closed on these items. Please keep checking the page and you will see the date as soon as it becomes available.
13.12.2012 Matt OLDHAM,
Q: do u have to prebid on a car before the auction starts, to bid in the auction? thanks
A: Yes, you have to prebid first.
08.12.2012 JASON VAKRINOS,
Q: hello from Greece. Can you please tell me how i can pay the shipping costs?
A: You may pay using your credit card or send us a bank wire transfer.
19.11.2012 Dee,
Q: I have noticed some vehicles that state damage: none, loss type: other. What does that mean?
A: You may call our customer care to get more information about a specific vehicle. Usually loss type "other" stands for repossessed or abandoned vehicles.
16.11.2012 vasilios rallis,
Q: i am new to this and want to bid on vehicle, i am registered now what?
A: Now it's time to submit $1000 refundable security deposit and start bidding.
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